This is who we are.

“when choosing colors, i listen to the client and i listen to the space — both tell me what i need to know.”

We are simply crazy for remodeling! Not surprisingly, we’ve become really good at what we do. We’re smart. We’re knowledgeable. We’re creative. This is what we were meant to do.

colette gandelot   design maven

Colette grew up as an indentured servant in her father’s woodshop. Some claim her parents’ penchant for remodeling their homes may have resulted in a genetic predisposition for the business. Colette is a design visionary with a creative mind and the uncanny ability to resolve even the most difficult design challenges.

judy anderson   management guru

If remodeling were a game, Judy would make it look a lot like Sudoku. For her, nothing gives joy like a well-executed spreadsheet. She is the management backbone of our company. When it comes to the oversight of schedules, budgets, processes and people, there is no one more dedicated to excellence.

suzanne butzow   color consultant

Suzanne is serious about color! She loves the science and the power of it. While she’d happily discuss the concept of “partitive color,” most of our clients simply rely on her to help them find the perfect paint palette for their homes.

We get by with a
little help…

They say “it takes a village,” and never is that more true than when remodeling a home. That’s why we have hand-selected a team of supremely talented contractors, subcontractors, design specialists and artisans to partner with us. Every day our designs challenge them and, in turn, their talent inspires us. We simply couldn’t do what we do without them.

We’ve done it all, from
A to Z! (Well, almost…)

color consults
design only
golf simulators
home theaters

lower levels
master suites
new construction
outdoor rooms
quality cabinetry
screened porches

utility & craft rooms
wine cellars
x-ercize spaces

(give us a break, here.)

youth therapy rooms
zebra enclosures

(okay, not really.)